Tribal Movements 2


Tribal Movements

Southern India

Revolt of Raja of Vizianagaram 

  • Raja of Vizianagaram was ordered to pay a sum of 3 lakhs rupees as a tribute and was also ordered to abandon his troops.
  • So, he with the help of his supporters revolted against the policies of the Britishers. 
  • The Raja died in the battle in 1794. After his death British adopted the policy of conciliation and Raja’s son Narayan Rao was offered the estate.

Diwan Velu Thampi’s Revolt

  • State of Travancore signed subsidiary Alliance with the Britishers in 1805.
  • But the ruler was unable to pay the subsidy and fell into arrears.
  • High handed behavior of the Company forced the Diwan to rose against the company. 
  • Finally after the large military operation suppressed the revolt.

Western India

Bhil Uprisings

  • Bhils were an aboriginal tribe living around the Khandesh in Western Ghats.
  • Land and agricultural  policies of the Company impacted Bhils a lot. 
  • First time they revolted under the leadership of Sewaram. But it was suppressed by  the Company’s military action.
  • They again revolted in 1817-19, 1825,1836 and 1846.

Koli Risings

  • Kolis were living in the neighborhood of Bhils. 
  • Kolis were against  the policies of Britishers. According to Kolis Britishers were responsible for large scale unemployment.
  • Kolis revolted in 1829, 1839 and again during 1844-48.




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