Rajagopalachari formula


Rajaji Formula and Desai-Liaqat Pact


  • After the failure of Cripps Mission, there was a confrontation between Congress and Muslim League to come up for a solution for the ongoing Constitutional crisis. 
  • C Rajagopalachari prepared a formula for the Congress League cooperation.
  • Gandhiji supported the formula.

Main points of the Rajaji plan were:

  • Muslim League to endorse Congress demands for the independence of India.
  • Muslim League to cooperate with the Congress in forming a provisional Government at the Centre.
  • After the end of World War II, entire population of the Muslim majority areas of North West India and the North East India to decide by a plebiscite whether to form a separate province or not.However, these terms would be accepted only if England transferred full power to india.
  • Subjects like defense,commerce & communication would be controlled by a joint Centre.

Reaction from the Muslim League:

  • Muslim League was demanding for a separate nation whereas the Congress was in the favour of a single nation only.
  • Jiinah objected the Rajaji formula by stating that, only Muslims of the North West and North East India should vote in the plebiscite and not the entire population.

Reaction from the other parties:

  • Sikhs opposed the Rajaji formula as it would lead to the divison of Punjab and would make Sikhs as a minrity in both India and Pakistan.
  • Hindu leaders like Veer Savarkar and Shyama Prasad Mukherjii also condemend the Rajaji formula.

Aftermath Rajaji Formula:

To dissolve the deadlock between Congress and Muslim League Desai Liaqat pact was endorsed by the leaders of both the parties.

Recommendations of the Desai-Liaqat pact were:

  • Equal number of persons nominated by the Congress and the Muslim League in the Central legislature.
  • 20% of the seats reserved in the Central Legislature would be for Muslims.

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