Governor General & Viceroys – Complete List


Important Governor General & Viceroys

Name Year Contribution
Warren Hastings 1773-1785 First Governor General of Bengal

Pitt’s India Act

First Maratha War (1775-82)

Second Mysore War (1780-84)


Lord Cornwallis 1786-1793 Cornwallis Code 

Third Anglo Mysore War

Lord Wellesley 1798-1805 Introduction of Subsidiary Alliance(1798)

Fourth Mysore War (1799)

Second Anglo Maratha War (1803-05)

Lord Hastings 1813-1823 Anglo Nepal War (1814-16)

Third Maratha War (1817-19)

Establishment of Ryotwari Settlement by Thomas Munro  

Lord William Bentick 1828-35 First Governor General of India

Abolition of Sati (1829)

Charter Act of 1833

Lord Metcalf 1835-1836 Known as “Father of free press in India”
Lord Hardinge I 1844-1848 First Anglo Sikh War (1845-46)

Abolition of Female Infanticide

Lord Dalhousie 1848-1856 Introduction of Doctrine of Lapse

Second Anglo Sikh War (1848-49)

Annexation of Lower Burma (1852)

Wood’s Despatch

Laying of Railway line between Bombay and Thane

Post Office Act,1954

Lord Canning 1856-1857 Revolt of 1857
Lord Lytton 1876-1880 Famine of 1876-80

Royal Titles Act (1876)

The Vernacular Press Act (1878)

The Arms Act (1878)

Lord Rippon 1880-1884 Repeal of Vernacular Press Act (1882)

Government resolution on local Self Government

Illbert Bill controversy (1883-84)

Lord Curzon 1899-1905 Appointment of Police Commission (1902)

Appointment of Universities Commission (1902)

Partition of Bengal (1905)

Lord Hardinge II 1910-1916 Creation of Bengal Presidency in 1911

Transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911

Coronation of King George V 

Lord Chelmsford 1916-1921 Formation of Home Rule Leagues by Annie Besant and Tilak (1916)

Lucknow Pact between Congress and Muslim League (1916)

Montagu’s Chelmsford Declaration(1917)

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919)

Launch of Non Cooperation Movement and Khilafat Movement

Appointment of SP Sinha as Governor of Bihar (First Indian)

Lord Reading 1921-1926 Kakori Train Robbery (1925)

Establishment of Swaraj Party by C.R. Das and Motilal Nehru (1922) 

Lord Irwin 1926-1931 Simon Commission (1928)

Purna Swaraj Resolution (1929)

First Round Table Conference (1930)

Civil Disobedience Movement

Lord Willingdon 1931-1936 Second Round table Conference (1931)

Communal Award (1932)

Third Round Table Conference (1932)

The Government of India Act of 1935

Separation of Burma from India (1935)

Lord Linlithgow 1936-1944 First General Elections (1936-37)

Formation of Forward Bloc by Subash Chandra Bose (1939)

Winston Churchill elected as Prime Minister of England (1940)

Cripps Mission (1942)

Quit India Movement (1942)

Lord Wavell 1944-1947 CR Formula (1944)

Wavell Plan (1945)

End of Second World War (1945)

Cabinet Mission (1946)

Lord Mountbatten 1947-1948 Introduction of Indian Independence Bill

Appointment of two boundary commissions for the partition of Bengal and Punjab

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