First Battle of Panipat



Battle of Panipat Date Rulers Victorious Ruler
1st Battle of Panipat 21 April 1526 Babur & Ibrahim Lodi Babur (Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad)
2nd Battle of Panipat 5 November 1556 Akbar & Hemu ‘Vikramaditya’ Akbar (Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar)
3rd Battle of Panipat 14 January 1761  Ahmed Shah Abdali & Sadashiv Rao Ahmed Shah Abdali

First Battle of Panipat

First Battle of Panipat was fought between Mughal ruler Babur and Lodi dynasty ruler Ibrahim Lodi on 21st April 1526.                                                                        

   Babur (1526- 1530)                                                                                  Ibrahim Khan Lodi(1517-1526)

Army of 15,000-20,000 men                                                                                Around 30,000-40,000 men 

Rulers: Babur was the founder and the First Emperor of Mughal Dynasty in India. He was the descendant of Timur. Babur was Great Great Grandson of Taimur. Taimur was the founder of Timurid Empire.

Mughal Ruler Reigning Year
Babur 1526-1530
Humayun 1530-40,1555-56
Akbar 1556-1605
Jahangir 1605-1627
Shahjahan 1628-1658
Bahadur Shah I 1709-1712
Jahandar Shah 1712-1713
Farrukhsiyar 1713-1719
Muhammad Shah ‘Rangeela’ 1719-1748
Ahmad Shah  1748-1754
Alamgir II 1754-1758
Shah Alam 1759-1806
Akbar II (Given the title Raja to Ram Mohan Roy) 1806-1837
Bahadur Shah II 1837-1857


Ibrahim Lodi: Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of Lodi Dynasty. He was son of Sikander Lodi. His reign lasted for 9 yrs only. He was defeated by Babur in the concluding First Battle of Panipat  on 21 April 1526.

Ruler Reigning Years
Bahlol Lodi 1451-1489
Sikander Lodi 1489-1517
Ibrahim Lodi 1517-1526

Reasons for the First Battle of Panipat

After failing 3rd time to conquer Samarkand ( city in south-eastern Uzbekistan ) Babur laid his attention towards Indian subcontinent. 

At that time Delhi was ruled by Ibrahim Lodi. Unlike his predecessors he was incapable ruler who  didn’t keep his nobles and Governors on check. In 1526, Daulat Khan Lodi ( Governor of Lahore) invited babur to attack on Delhi which proved as the fatal stroke in the history of Delhi Sultanate.

Significance of the Battle

First Battle of Panipat was the first battle where cannons and gunpowder were used on such a large scale. Babur first time introduced the war tactic of Tulughma and Araba in a battlefield.

Consequence of the Battle

  • First Battle of Panipat marked the commencement of Mughal Empire in India. 
  • It ended the rule of Delhi Sultanate in India.

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