Charter of India Part 2


Charter Act of 1813

  • The Act extended the monopoly of company in trade except in trade in tea & trade with China.
  • It permitted the Christian Missionaries to enter into India subject to their getting permission from Court of Directors or Board of Control.
  • The Act laid down 1 lac rupees for the spread of education in India.

Charter Act of 1833

  • It ended the earlier exception of trade with China and trade in tea.
  • The Governor General of Bengal was given a new designation known as Governor General of India. Executive powers over the entire British India was given to this Governor General Executive council.
  • For Legislative purposes Governor General and his council was given an additional member who would be a legal expert and this bigger authority came to known as Governor General Legislative Council.
  • Governors of Bombay and Madras were deprived of their powers of making law and the all the power was centralized Governor General Legislative Council.
  • The Act provided that while appointing anyone in the services of the company no discrimination based on race, religion, caste & color be followed.
  • The Act said that Government of India should take steps for the improvement of condition of slaves.
  • The Charter Act of 1833  first time introduced the provision of open competition for recruitment in Indian Covenanted services.

Charter Act of 1853

  • The Act extended the privilege of the Company to keep its territory till the time Parliament called for.
  • The number of members in Court of Directors were reduced from 24 to 18, out of which 6 were nominated by the crown.
  • For legislative purposes 6 additional members were added. Legal member that was added in 1833 Act was included in the Governor General Executive Council.
  • It provided for open competition of the Indian Covenanted Services (ICS).
  • The chief aim of the British was to enable Company to exploit India economically to the maximum advantage of various British interests.

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