August Offer


August Offer

  • August Offer came in 1940 to woo the Indians so that they can cooperate the Britishers against the Axis Powers.
  • Hitlers’s victory march was progressing at an astonishing speed. Fall of Belgium, Holland and France put England in a defending position. So, Lord Linlithgow announced August Offer to appease Indians.

Reasons for August Offer

  • Lord Linlithgow announced the participation of India in World War II without consulting Indian leaders.
  • Indian National Congress were not against the support of Britain in the war but they wanted that any decision concerning Indians should be taken after consulting Indian leaders. Due to this Indian leaders felt insulted and resigned in October 1939.
  • When Battle of Britain began in July 1940 British Government came under immense pressure and asked for full Indian support

Main features of August Offer are

  • Dominion status for India after the war.
  • Expansion of Viceroy’s Executive council.
  • A war advisory council would be set up immediately.
  • Setting up of a constituent assembly where mainly Indians would decide the constitution according to the social, economical and political needs of the Indians subject to the fulfillment of certain British obligations such as Defense, minority rights, All India services & treaty with the Princely states.
  • Future Constitution to be adopted with the consent of the minorities.


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