Anglo Nepal War


Anglo Nepal War (1814-1816)

Anglo Nepal war was fought between Nepalese Army led by Bhimsen Thapa on one side and British army aided by Kingdom of Patiala , Garhwal and Sikkim on the other side. 

Reasons of the Battle

  • To exploit the rich natural resources of forests in Nepal.
  • Britishers want to take economic relations with Tibet but it was not possible because it requires passage through Nepalese territory for which Nepal was not in favor.
  • Climate of Nepal suited Britishers a lot. They found the tropical climate of India too oppressive.

Immediate reason

Occupation of territory of Butwal and Syuraj by the Ruler of Nepal, Bhimsen Thapa during the reign of Lord Hastings(1813-1823).The war started in 1814 and it went on for nearly 2 years till 1816. “Treaty of Sagauli“(Ratified on 4th march 1816) concluded the war.

Terms of the treaty

  • Garhwal , Kumaon & Sikkim came under British control.
  • Nepal accepted British resident. at Kathmandu and Gorkhas were allowed to get recruitment in British Army.
  • Nepal was debarred to allow any European in its service.

Consequences of the treaty

  • British empire reached the Himalayas.
  • Gorkhas played an important role in suppressing 1857 revolt.
  • New route for Central Asia got opened.




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