Anglo Burmese War


King Alaungpaya was the founder of Konbaung  Dynasty of Burma. During the rule, the forces of Burma reached till Jaintai and Assam. From here started the period of gradual ascendancy over Burma by the Britishers.

First Anglo Burmese War (1824-1826)

It is considered as the most expensive and dreadful war in the history of Company. Company lost almost 10,000-15,000 soldiers in this battle and it cost them about 5-13 million pounds sterling.


  • Market for British goods.
  • Fear of French empire into India through Burmese route.
  • Expansionist policy of Burmese ruler.It annexed Assam in 1819.


  • It ended with “Treaty of Yandaboo”
  • British control of Assam, Manipur, Cachar , Jaintia, Arakan and Tenasserim.
  • War indemnity of 1 million pound was paid by Burmese.


Second Burmese War(1852)

Second Burmese war was the result of Company’s greed. Lord Dalhousie wanted to expose the Burmese market for maximum benefit of British Empire.

Immediate Issue

It was started over a petty issue of custom dispute which took the shape of Second Burmese War. 


Though Burmese forces showed resistance but it took a little while for British forces to control the lower Burma part ( Irrawaddy Delta and Pegu).

Third Burmese War(1885)

First and Second Burmese War was fought to annex territories of Burma but Third Burmese War was fought to protect the already annexed territories of Burma.


  • King Thibaw’s hostility with French.
  • French collaboration with Burma to build a railway from Mandalay o Indian border.


Final annexation of Burma in 1885 by the British forces. By January 1886 whole Burma comprising of Upper Burma ,Lower Burma and coastal Burma came into British Indian territory. It marked the end of Konbaung dynasty rule  in Burma.

In 1935 to weaken the Indian National Movement Burma was separated from British Indian territory. It finally got independence on January 4, 1948.




War Years Annexed area
First Anglo Burmese War 1824-1826 Lower Burma
Second Anglo Burmese War 1852 Coastal Burma
Third Anglo Burmese War 1885 Upper Burma

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